About Us

About Us

moneyHealth & Safety Solutions was formed in early 2001 by Jeriami and Genesis St. Clair. Designed to provide affordable CPR, AED and First Aid training to anyone wishing to learn. Jeriami and Genesis St Clair are Licensed Paramedic.  They bring real life medical experience to all training courses offered. Over the years the cost of receiving this training has steadily increased. However, we pride ourselves in being able to provide this service while keeping it affordable and informative.


Our Mission



Our mission is to provide affordable but quality training to anyone, adult or youth and in turn help bring awareness to the importance of such training. By maintaining a low cost, we feel that more people will take advantage of this lifesaving training. All courses can be brought to you no matter the number of students. We can train one or more. We feel that by taking the time to train even one person could save a life.

‘O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.’

 Psalm  30:2